Our Pub’s Story

So, a biologist, geologist and a chemical engineer are sitting around a bar…

No, this is not the lead in for joke to be told on the golf course. It’s the real story of how Finnegan’s Wake began with a biologist, geologist and a chemical engineer, who sat around in a bar back in 2003 and had an idea to create an authentic Irish pub in Tallahassee, Florida.

The story told from these gentlemen goes a little something like this:

We were having a pint at a local bar when we began discussing the idea of opening a pub of our very own. We love soccer, and at the time, Tallahassee didn’t have a great venue to watch a soccer game. We got to thinking, ‘Why not bring an authentic Irish pub to Tallahassee?’

We settled on the Midtown district as our location of choice, and we also knew what we wanted to call the bar: ‘Finnegan’s Wake,’ named after the classic James Joyce novel. To make sure that the environment felt, and looked, truly Irish, we started consulting with O’Sullivan Interiors based in Waterford, Ireland, to bring an authentic European style soccer pub to Tallahassee. O’Sullivan had an incredible collection of vintage Irish furnishings that had been preserved for years. Everything that you see in Finnegan’s – from the tables and chairs, to the floors and fixtures – has been crafted using repurposed authentic Irish furnishings – all coming from original Irish merchants, churches, and bars that O’Sullivan’s had collected over the years.

The entire bar was literally shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, and assembly began in Tallahassee in late 2004/early 2005. On September 15, 2005 Finnegan’s Wake became Tallahassee’s first Irish Pub.

Come join us for a pint, a match and more stories…


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